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Sample Collection How-To

Below you will find information on how to perform various sampling techniques in order to assure accurate analysis. Please read and understand the necessary collection methods prior to your field work. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Advance Diffusion Samplers

Standard Diffusion Samplers

Copper Tubes

Tritium Water Samples

CFC Water Samples - using the USGS's bottle procedure

Packing and Shipping Advanced Diffusion Samples - Using Provided Shipping Containers

Using Pinch-off Clamps and Jigs - For Copper Tubes and Advance Diffusion Samplers

Using the Pinch-off Tool - For Cold-Welding Standard Diffusion Sampler Tips

Using Swagelok connectors with metal ferules - For Advance Diffusion Samplers

Using Swagelok connectors with nylon ferules - For Advance Diffusion Samplers

Last Updated: 4/26/21