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Dissolved and Noble Gas Service Center




Dissolved & Noble Gasses


Rock Dating and Permeability


Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs)


Sulfurhexaflouride (SF6)


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The research and services that are offered at the Dissolved and Noble Gas Service Center are based upon the usage of noble gases and their solubilites to infer the conditions and time at which precipitation and surface water runoff entered the groundwater system.  We also employ anthropogenic chemicals as tracers to determine groundwater recharge ages. We have two facilities located in the College of Mines and Earth Science at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah: the Noble Gas Lab and the Environmental Tracers Lab. The Noble Gas lab contains two mass spectrometer system capable of precise isotopic measurements of the noble gases as well as most other common atmospheric gases. The Environmental Tracers Lab utilizes two gas chromatography systems for precise measurements of dissolved CFCs and SF6 in natural waters to help determine age since recharge.






Last Updated: 4/26/21